Why Us?

Simple. We were here first. We’ve been doing this longer than any other online payroll company. We were doing online payroll long before online payroll was cool. Check out Our Story.

So, before you choose a company to process your payroll and taxes, ask yourself if you should be working with the company with the most experience and expertise. Or would you rather have someone who’s new to the business and learning how to deal with problems that we solved years ago. It’s OK to be someone’s beta tester for non-critical functions. But payroll? Not so much.

Our tech is second to none. Our full-featured cloud-based payroll system has all the bells and whistles that you would expect with an enterprise system but at a much lower price.

Our customer service is over-the-top. Each and every customer is precious to us. We are able to give excellent customer care because we are entirely focused on client satisfaction. We exist to help you.

Our pricing is competitive and affordable. At $45 a month and $2 per check, we can compete with all of the do-it-yourself payroll startups. Our pricing is all-inclusive. We don’t nickel and dime for every little thing we do.

No one has been doing this longer. No one does it faster, better or cheaper. So when someone tells you that they’ve invented online payroll, tell them that WebPayroll has been there and done that 20 years ago. And we’re still doing it today.



Thank you.


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