Our Story

The webpayroll.com story really begins when founder Rey Monzon got his first job in the payroll business in 1988. After a stint at CompuPay, he started his first payroll service called Paycheck Express in 1990. For more details, please visit Rey Monzon.


In 1995, Rey began to develop the first browser-based payroll service which was called Virtual Payroll. Before that, no one had ever done payroll completely and exclusively over the Internet. In fact, everyone we talked to told us we were nuts.


We were told that the Web was not a secure business environment. Some felt, and this is a direct quote, that “the Internet is a giant chat room for 14-year-olds. No one is crazy enough to do business over the Internet. It’s just not secure enough. And no one will ever do payroll over the Internet.”


And so it went. We heard variations of the same sentiment from everyone we spoke with. We approached the usual suspects (ADP & Paychex), friends, family, colleagues, angel investors, even other payroll service bureaus. The response was the same wherever we went. Everyone told us we were crazy. Clearly, we were on to something.


In March of 1997, we launched VirtualPayroll.com at Internet World in New York City. Our tag line was “Payroll over the Net” which today sounds as pedestrian as “Cars on the Highway” but back then it was revolutionary. We disrupted an entire industry long before disrupting was cool.


Now, of course, it’s no big deal. Everybody has online payroll. In fact, you’re crazy if you don’t have online payroll.


But the fact remains, we were first. We accepted the challenge of doing something that’s never been done before. We validated a new paradigm. We pioneered a new way of doing payroll that has transformed an entire industry.


Flash forward to 2011 and the whole world is going mobile. Once again, the risk-averse payroll industry dragged its feet. Once again, everyone we asked thought we were nuts. When asked “What is your mobile strategy?” payroll software developers would answer, “Do you really see a demand for that?”


Ugh! So once again, if we wanted to get it done, we would have to do it ourselves.


WebPayroll Inc. was incorporated in 2012. By 2014, the mobile-first, cloud-based infrastructure was in place. In 2015, we launched sales, marketing and operations and started putting on new clients nationwide. We are poised for growth in 2016!


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