How It Works

It all begins when you initiate contact with us. Fill out any of the contact forms and we’ll get in touch. We’ll perform a brief needs assessment based on the information we gather. Since our Core plan is all-inclusive, chances are all you’ll need is already included.

For pricing, you can request a custom Price Quote or use our online Price Calculator.

We do all of the work during the implementation process. This is not “Do It Yourself” where we give you a login and make you do all the work. With Webpayroll, all you have to do is provide us with the information and documentation that we need to properly set up your account. We use SendThisFile for secure file transfer. We set up the company in the system. We create all of the employee profiles and we enter the prior earnings and taxes. Everything will be ready to go for your first payroll.

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We generally do a brief training session during the first payroll input. That way you learn the system using your own data and in a live payroll environment. You will learn how to set up a new employee, how to make changes to existing employee files, how to input payroll, and how to retrieve your reports and pay stubs.

The system is available to you any time, any place, and on any web-enabled device. Employees and contractors are paid by direct deposit and pay cards. They can retrieve their pay stubs securely online by using our Employee Self Service (ESS).

We provide ongoing service during the time you are with us. There are no service contracts and you can cancel at any time. Our clients stay with us because they’re happy with the service, not because they’re stuck with it.

Normal, routine account maintenance is done by both you the client (new hires, file changes) and by us the service provider (new earnings and deductions/additional reports/update tax rates). We communicate regularly by phone and email to stay informed. We’re there for you every step of the way.

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We’ll be happy to explain all the details. Please call 800-349-4155 or email Our goal is to provide peace of mind so you can run your business with confidence.

Please sit back, relax and watch this short (one minute) video overview.

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