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We love to find Free Money for our clients!

Webpayroll.com is helping companies secure significant Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)! Congress recently renewed WOTC retroactively from Jaunary 1, 2015 through 2019! Unfortunately most companies don’t know about WOTC or credits due to them under this program. A rare opportunity exists for companies to secure WOTC credits worth $1,500 to $9,600 for each eligible hire[…]

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January is a great time to switch

Every new year brings renewal and nowhere is that more evident than in Payroll. Each January 1st, everything begins again starting at zero. It’s the perfect time to switch payroll providers because there are no prior earnings and taxes to transfer. Just a nice, clean transition. Enter your active employees and you’re ready to go.[…]

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Webpayroll launches redesigned website!

Our new website has a more modern look and feel than our original site that’s been up for more than a year. The new site features an online price calculator that provides an instant price quote based on number of employees and pay frequency. The calculator assumes 100% paperless processing and tax filing for federal[…]