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Webpayroll Features

What sets us apart from all the others?
FREE payment tools!

We pay your W2 Employees and 1099 Contractors. All employees receive either direct deposit or a pay card at no extra charge!

FREE compliance tools!

We pay your employer taxes and file your returns on your behalf. Your federal, state and local payroll tax filings are guaranteed. We provide peace of mind!

FREE HR tools!

We provide Obamacare Compliance and Complete HR Reporting. All HR, ACA, and EEOC reporting is included at no extra charge! We’re there for you every step of the way!

FREE integration tools!

Pay as you go Workers Comp reporting is included. As well as general ledger, retirement plan, and benefit plan reporting. All included at no extra charge!


Any time, any place, any device.
Mobile payroll for a mobile world. Your employees are paid. Your payroll taxes are paid. Your Workers Comp is paid. Life is good.

All of the modern features of an enterprise payroll system available to businesses of any size. True single sign-on, single database with an intuitive employer dashboard to navigate all functions. Cloud based system works any where, any time, and on any web-enabled device. Employees are paid via direct deposit and pay cards. All federal, state and local payroll taxes are guaranteed paid. Payroll tax returns are prepared, signed and filed on your behalf. All company and employee data is available securely on demand. Employee self service, ACA reporting, workers comp payments, and general ledger integration are all included at no extra charge. All-inclusive and priced at $45 per month plus $2 per check. Guaranteed to save you money over ADP, Paychex, and the PEO’s.

  • Mobile first
  • Cloud based
  • Full featured
  • Compliant

Payroll Calculator

Mobile Payroll for a Mobile World

Starting at $17.00 weekly base rate + $2.00 per employee

Payroll Frequency


With Employee(s) in your company
You pay $ per payroll cycle

With Over 100 employees request an enterprise price quote

This quote is for 100% paperless payroll processing and includes tax filing for federal and one state.
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Webpayroll offers unique solutions for every employer.
Startups and first-time employers
1 to 20 employees, simple needs
They are experts in their field, but with no prior employer skills. We provide modern tools, no-touch compliance, and the payroll/tax/HR guidance that they need. Low cost payroll outsourcing lets them focus on their core business.
Small established businesses
20 to 100 employees, dynamic payroll
We provide the peace of mind that our system is available any time, any place , and on any web-enabled device. Payroll managers appreciate the added functionality of an enterprise-level system delivered at an affordable price. We provide a low cost alternative to the payroll companies in this space.
Medium-sized businesses and employers
100 to 500 employees, more complicated payroll
At this level, the full-featured aspects of our HCM system really come to bear. Cloud-based paperless payroll, including full ACA compliance and reporting, give the Payroll and HR Directors the flexibility to manage hundreds of employees in multiple locations nationwide.
Large Employers and Enterprises
500 to 2000 employees, complex needs
Our single sign-on, single database provides access to all payroll, tax, reporting, HR and timekeeping from one intuitive dashboard. Our system features multiple hierarchies, multi-state tax filing, seamless timekeeping integration, and electronic input automation.

We love our customers!

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of serving businesses of every type and size across the United States. From the solo entrepreneur to the most complex payrolls with thousands of employees scattered across the country, we have provided the highest level of world-class customer care.

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